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Multifunctional Mobile phone etc Sterilization Box

Multifunctional Mobile phone etc Sterilization Box

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Scientific researches show that there are 200,000 bacteria on each square centimeter of a mobile phone. So at this rate, there are at least 1 million bacteria on a mobile phone.

Eliminates 99.99% of common household germs and Bacteria in 6-10 minutes. Most sanitizers use ultraviolet to combat germs. A UV phone cleaner starts working either automatically or after you press a button that sets off disinfection.  A small UV lamp inside the device affects and destroys the bacteria's DNA. The lamp turns off 10 minutes later, and you can remove your phone from the device.  Its crucial to follow the users guide when it comes to sanitizing devices as they emit special radiation (the wavelength is 253.7 nm)

Universal application: suitable for various types and sizes of phones, digital products and jewelry accessories, watches, phone cases etc..