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Handheld UVC Disinfection Lamp
Handheld UVC Disinfection Lamp

Handheld UVC Disinfection Lamp

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The current pandemic with the SARS-CoV-2 virus shows how important hygiene measures are to avoid its spread.

 The effect of UVC on viruses

The virus information is contained in the capsid in the form of single-stranded DNA or RNA. Whether RNA or DNA, the mechanism of UVC destruction of these molecules is verye ective. The radiation penetrates the viral envelope and hits thegenetic material. As with DNA, RNA forms pyrimidine dimers and additional uridine hydrates. The information for reproduction is lost, the virus is no longer virulent and the infection cycle is broken.

Handheld UVC Disinfection Lamp 2W UV Sterilization Lamp Folding Ultraviolet Disinfection Light Travel Sterilizing Lights 

Brand Name: Brandorama
Certification: CCC
Item Type: Ultraviolet Lamps
feature 1: UV lamp Germicidal Disinfection
feature 2: sterilization lamp portable uv light
feature 3: UVC Sterilization For Bedroom /Hospital
feature 4: UV disinfection lamp